Windows communication foundation – WCF

Windows Communication Foundation has been built by Microsoft to simplify programming on the network and deploy services on Window’s platform easily. It is a great way for different communication protocols and transportation methods to communicate among themselves.

It focuses on what the developer wants to allows you to concentrate more on what you want to put into operation rather than dealing with the HOW TO of it. Continue reading

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What is Firefox OS?

Firefox os logo

Firefox OS Logo

Firefox OS is a mobile operating system with a versatile working framework built by Mozilla Corp. Mozilla Corporation is more famous for engineering of Firefox browser. It is manufactured completely to open web standards.

Web applications can access each underlying capability of the hardware, bypassing the regular restrictions of HTML5 on mobile. Like Chrome OS -which runs Chromebook- in the Firefox OS additionally the program enactments as a Working framework. Continue reading

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What inspired us to start Technnovation Labs?

Q. What inspired us to start this institute?

As you all know we are living in the era where everything around us is constantly changing and technology is becoming is gaining prime importance in its numerous applications, but still the technology literacy still very low. People do not make sufficient use of technology in their personal as well as work life. We want to change this scenario. Continue reading

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free PHP Training sessions

PHP free training sessions

PHP free training sessions

Known as the best programming language, it should be remembered that it is one of the tough ones to learn. Keeping this exactly in mind, we at TLabs bring to you unique free training sessions cum workshops on PHP training. To be held only on weekends these sessions are meant for all those freshers and newbies who want to know what this amazing language is all about. The workshops will be such that they will highlight the foundations in the PHP language to near perfect.

These sessions have been specially designed to take you on a tour of what PHP is all about enabling one to get an overview of the intricacies of this very famed and loved language. Continue reading

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wish you a very happy monsson

The monsoon quenches thirsty summer birds,
it is an inspiration for poet’s words,
the nature around is pleasant and green,
what a weather it is for some Tech Learning…!

Tlabs wishes all the Techies a very happy monsoon.

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40 Fresh Cheat Sheet for Designers and Developers

A cheat sheet is basically a guide towards unusual programming, framework and software. You can simply take a print out of these sheets in order to access them. These Cheat sheets will make things a little convenient for all designers and developers; we have compiled a list of 40 exceptionally beneficial cheat sheets. These cheats are a must have for you if you are a developer or a designer.

I am sure you will agree with the statement that a designer or a developer have to explore various software environments all the time and this is exactly why it becomes impossible for them to keep a track of all shortcuts for different software environments. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of remembering all shortcuts, this fresh cheat sheet has been compiled for your convenience. Take a look at it, print it and benefit out of it. Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

SEO trainingWHAT IS SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – though sounds pretty scary it is simply the process which helps to rank your website higher than millions of other websites when a particular search query is raised by an internet user. Statistics say that about 65% of the websites get their traffic from search engine results. A lot of companies today have realized this and are focusing on online marketing and in the process are turning to increase search engine page rankings. Continue reading

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